USB Safeguard - safely portable pen drive

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between the evaluation and the activated version?
A:  There is not functional difference between the evaluation and the activated version. The software is offered as 'try-before-you-buy' and during the evaluation you can try it freely only for a limited trial period in order to test and evaluate it before proceed with the purchase of the license(s).

Q: What happens when the evaluation period expires?
A:  At the end of trial period, if you've not purchased the license(s), anyone will be able to access your private files without the password, because the virtual drive is not longer password-protected. Only after activated your license, the software will again be fully functional.

Q: I've purchased the license how to activate and register my copy of the product?
A:  When you run the program, simply enter in the registration dialog box of the software, the email address used to purchase the software license(s) online and click on Activate button!

Q: I've a registered version 7.x, how to update to the last version 7.4?
A:  The last version 7.4 is not compatible with the previous version and can't be updated overwriting the file "USBSafeguard.exe", otherwise appears an error message "I/O Access denied." Is necessary download and re-run the Setup with the formatting of the drive. We apologize for this.

Q: When I run the App, the text appears to be larger of the dialog box, why?
A:  This issue has been fixed with the version 7.4. To set the correct text size, go to Control Panel, click on category "Appearance and Personalization", under "Display" select "Make text and other items larger or smaller", in order to set "Smaller - 100% (dafault)" and click Apply.

Q: When I try to download or run the App, my Antivirus reports a "Virus". why?
A:  Don't panic, is a false positive! Unfortunately sometimes the Antivirus causes this type of alarm. The software is 100% clean and has been tested with more than 50 antivirus with

Q: When I try to run the Setup fails, or appears "I/O Access denied." why?
A:  Close the Antivirus, also you must have the administrator rights to run the setup the first time. Often in Windows Xp, NTFS is disabled, read How to format the drive in NTFS in a old Windows Xp?

Q: When I try to activate the license, appears "Cannot connect to the server..." why?
A:  Activation problems are caused by a firewall or viruscanner which blocks the Internet connection to our web server. Please make sure 'USBSafeguard.exe' has access to the Internet. Unfortunately we can not prevent your firewall/viruscanner from blocking the Internet connection, because it was designed to block any unknown Internet connections. In alternative try the manual activation.

Q: When I try to activate the license, appears "Activation was unsuccessful." why?
A:  Check that you have entered the same address email (don't include extra characters like spaces) used to purchase the software license(s) online. Also, if you're trying to activate a greater number of licenses purchased, this is not allowed. For more info please read the License agreement.

Q: Everytime I format my drive, is necessary to buy a new license to reactivate it?
A:  No, the license remains valid even after formatting your drive, and you can reactivate it online (within 1 year of first activation) to register your copy of the product. Note that our web server allows you to reactivate it only 30 days after last activation for prevent a illegal use of the software.

Q: My drive was lost or broken. Can I activate the license on another new drive?
A:  Is conceded a extra license key if the request is made within 30 days of purchase of the license. Remember, the license key is valid for only one storage device. You may not distribute, transfer your license key, resell, rent, lease, or lend. For more info please read the License agreement.

Q: Can I use it on any PC Windows (ex: Internet cafe) without administrative rights?
A:  Yes, it's a portable software and has been developed to run directly from your drive on any PC and place (Internet cafe, PC office, etc.) without admin rights. You will need administrator rights only to the first setting after downloading and running the software on your drive the first time.

Q: How to format the drive in NTFS in a old Windows Xp?
A:  Open File Explorer then right-click on the drive and choose "Properties" goto Hardware tab select your drive and click Properties. From Policies tab enable "Optimize for performance" and press OK. Once you've done this, you'll see the NTFS option in the format dialog.

Q: How to set an Admin password for all drives of our employees?
A:  Press the keys Windows logo +R to type X:\USBSafeguard /admin (where X: is the drive letter of your drive). This corporate admin feature is not available in the Free Version.

Q: I forgot the password. Exists a method to retrieve it?
A:  No, you are entirely responsible for remembering the password you use. We cannot tell you what your password is if you forget it and we have no method for retrieving lost or forgotten passwords.

Q: What happens if I delete or rename the program from the drive?
A:  Nothing happens, you can rename the program (if it's not running) and if you have deleted it, you can download it again from our website into your removable drive.